Sabong © TNT Abante

The benefits and the ethics of ‘sabong’ has been widely debated even up to this day, despite being first introduced in the Philippines over 500 years ago – way before the colonizers first arrived. ‘Sabong’ is considered to be one of the most sought-after pastime and also one of the most popular way of gambling in the country, but because of its rich and long-existing history many have claimed the event to be as worthy as a national sport. The rules of sabong has remained unchanged for years – still relatively simple to follow, and with minimal variations of the betting system. ‘Sabong’ is a popular sporting event hosted in certain rural areas in the country, where two roosters (dubbed as gamecocks or ‘mga sunoy’ in some areas)

Traditional Sabong’s Shift to Online Sabong

The highly popular pastime, sabong, has also made waves in the digital sphere – yes, for sabong enthusiasts out there, you can now watch, stream, and bet on sabong events online. There are now several websites that stream these online sabong events on a regular basis – and one of the newest sites that was established is www.WPC88.com. The rules from the traditional sabong is quite the same in online sabong; the major difference would be the variations of the betting system, but all in all online sabong is basically the digital adaptation of the traditional sabong that most sabong enthusiasts grew to love.

 Sabong © Steve Sangalang

Online Sabong’s Growth to Online International Sabong

Once a type of business or industry successfully transitioned to the digital sphere, it would no longer come as a surprise if the industry goes international as well – and online sabong international is no exception. International sabong has grown exponentially, from the rural areas of the country, now made available internationally. Basically, in selected areas of the globe, people can now view and bet on international sabong.

The Bounds of Sabong International

The online international sabong community now has participants from all over the globe. This ultimately means that there are some international derbies allowed to compete for certain international sabong games online. These international derbies participating in online international sabong would then attract different bettors, breeders, enthusiasts, from all over the globe which would only grow the already massive community and industry of online sabong international. To learn how to participate in international sabong games online and more, there are websites (like www.WPC88.com) that offer a comprehensive guide alongside the sabong international live sabong events and attractive deals that most enthusiasts would surely be looking forward to.